Friday, 5 June 2015

Rubbish, Rubbish and More Rubbish

Mrs Versey, from Hawke's Bay District Council, set us a challenge when we visited the landfill. She challenged us to 'make our big pile of rubbish smaller'. We decided to write about the landfill and persuade readers to change what they do with their rubbish so we can all help to
'make our big pile of rubbish smaller'.

Author Caitlin:

What happens to your rubbish? I can't answer that yet. But, listen to some of my writing and you could visualise what its like at the landfill. Hidden away behind a couple of trees is a foul, giant mountain of rubbish. Probably 2000 seagulls are gobbling up rubbish and getting stuck in plastic bags and other types of bags. Oh, and the next thing I want to say is that 46% of the waste that is there should not be there. So, if you want to stop this pile of foul rubbish here is two things that you could do to stop this. One way you could this is to recycle the paper to make more. Or, you could start a worm farm and feed the worms your scraps.

Author Ella:

Do you know what happens to your rubbish? At the back of Hastings and Napier there is a valley filled to the top with decomposing and disgusting rotten rubbish. There is a problem! Plastic is flying around Hastings and the landfill. There's seagulls diving down to the rubbish and one of the seagulls swooped down to get food but there was a plastic bag. The seagulls choked on the plastic bag. Soon we will not have anywhere to put our rubbish because the rubbish pile is enormous. Half of the landfill is food scraps. People need to make a worm farm so the worms can chew the food. Worm wee helps the plants grow. We have a job to do. We have to make our rubbish pile smaller create less rubbish.

Author Christina:

Where does all our rubbish go when you are finished with it? Do you just throw it in the bin or do you recycle it? Squawk! Squawk! squaked the seagulls as they swoop down into the valley. They shouldn't be there because too many people are throwing out food they are supposed to eat. If that valley gets too full they will have to store the rubbish some place else. That is not good! If you make a worm farm and feed the worms compost that is how to make less rubbish. So put all your banana peels and apple cores in the worm farm but don't give them orange peels because your worms will get sick. Eucalyptus perfume sprays the valley to stop the smell spreading near the houses. One by one the rubbish trucks drop off a truck load of rubbish and picking up rubbish each day and dropping it off to the landfills all around the world!

Author Jessica:

Do you know how much litter your family makes in a day? I don't even think you want to know. Ok, fine, I'll tell you. Your family makes around about one hundred pieces of rubbish a day and it all goes to a revolting place called .... the landfill.

It looks like a bomb has gone off because of the humongous never ending pile of disgraceful rubbish that was a valley with sheep once upon a time. The landfill didn't have a terrible smell which was quite nice because of the eucalyptus perfume. You could hear the trucks roaring when they moved and went passed. There was a compactor that makes an even bigger roar.

You should help the environment become HEALTHY again. Here's some tips to help you do that.
1. Make a worm farm
2. Sort your bins out
3. By and use what you need.
Please, please try these tips. I'm begging you. If you do this you'll see a big difference in the world and I'm sure you'll like the big difference. It would cost you less because you're not buying food and throwing it out!

Author Angus L

Do you know what happens to your rubbish? We put our rubbish in a wheelie bin and the rubbish truck comes to get your bin. Off it goes to the other houses, then to the landfill. Squawk squawk! Hundreds of seagulls are swarming above a heap of rubbish that's it in a big meadow out in the country side. This is the landfill surrounded by trees and fences. I saw hills and valleys made of rubbish. There were rubbish trucks leaving and coming and dumping their loads. We saw a big orange digger, There was also a big compactor pushing down the rubbish down to the ground. You must recycle so there is less rubbish at the landfill. Half the rubbish is food scraps so to stop all these food scraps from going to the landfill you could make a worm farm or you could make a compost bin or put it in the ground and put some soil over it so the trees can grow bigger. We need to recycle, reduce and reuse so we don't have so much rubbish in the landfill. That means you reader!

Author Katie

Do you know what happens to your rubbish? It goes somewhere that has an immense dump there and seagulls surrounding the sky. The seagulls are going squawk squawk!because they want food scraps. Do not put lots of apple cores in the dump or food scraps they go in the garden. The rubbish trucks bring rubbish everyday and dumps it in the rubbish pile. the pile gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Soon we will not have nowhere to put our rubbish because we have lots of mountains of rubbish already.

Author Blake

Do you know what happens to your rubbish? You will see a compactor slowly driving across the revolting dirty rubbish while the green truck drives around the landfill dropping revolting dirty rubbish. the compactor squashes all the dirty rubbish so the humongous pit can get smaller. the green rubbish truck comes alot of times each day with our rubbish from wheelie bins. You will have to wear a orange shiny coat when you go to the landfill to keep safe. Seagulls are swarming in the blue sky like a big aeroplane fighting around the food scraps. Don't throw food scraps in the landfill make a worm farm and throw your rubbish into it and the worms will gobble it up. you can also recycle your plastic containers and your glass bottle. Stop sending rubbish to the landfill.

Author Erin

The amount of rubbish at the landfill is unacceptable. the landfill looks like a big swimming pool that is made out of rubbish just rubbish that has come from every ones home. The landfill used to be a valley that didn't have rubbish in it but now it has lots and lots and lots of rubbish. Also there is thousands of seagulls swooping around fighting over the food scraps "Kor Kor" yelled the seagulls. There was a digger scooping up the rubbish and putting it on to the pile. I smelt horrible food scraps! The food scraps are in the pit. The compactor looks like a giant car with bulky huge spiky wheels that crushed the rubbish until it was puny. On the front of the fence there is bottles of perfume. It smells like peppermint and eucalyptus perfume. It sprays when it is windy so it doesn't make the close neighbours stink. Because the landfill will fill up in 10 years and over flow then soon we will not have a place to live. 


  1. You all gave me so much to think about. Great persuasive writing. I will try harder to make less rubbish.

  2. That's a lot of information in my head! Awesome job guys! I loved the writing you put Into it. -Adam/Ad-man.

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