Sunday, 14 June 2015


At Parkvale, we are celebrating Matariki. 

We were very lucky to have the Kahurangi NZ Maori Dance Theatre visit and perform for us. They were very funny and talented. The taught us about legends and told us some different ways we could celebrate Matariki.

We learnt that Kia Ora can mean hello, goodbye, be well and thank you. 

The Kahurangu Dance Company performed a legend that is special to the people of Hawke's Bay, Pania of the Reef.

Matariki from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

The Rataka reading group read a book aboout Matariki.
Ashley and Sienna read the book to us all. They did a great job reading for the audience with clear voices and expression. 

During the performance we were taught a game called Paki. Paki means clap. Watch the video to find out how much fun it is. Who else could you teach to play?

Paki paki from sansam on Vimeo.

Kia Ora Kahurangi Dance Company, we love this game!


  1. The kahurangi Group must have put a lot of work into that!!

  2. The kahuangi group must of made alot ofefort to do that things

  3. LOVE it !!!
    Awesome job with the game
    I liked the game. I might even teach it to my class.
    Nice job with your blog looking forward to seeing more.
    Riley ♡