Tuesday, 23 June 2015


We have been learning about how important it is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

 Did you know that not all plastics are the same? 
We looked at some different plastics items and grouped them according to the numbers found on the plastic. The recycling number for plastic is found inside a triangle. It was easy to spot on some things but we had to look carefully to find it on other things. Some plastic items did not have a recycling symbol or number and this means it can not be recycled. 
Katie and Damarco looking carefully for the recycling number

All of these items have a number 1 on them

Ruben found a recycling number on this big bucket
then everyone began looking at all the plastic items around the classroom
to find out they can be recycled
James hunting for a recycling number but he couldn't find one
Even though these milk bottles look different they are both a number 2 plastic

Mac checking the lid and bottle have the same recycling number
Number 5 was found on all these items
Some lids and bottles had different recycling numbers.
We thought this was strange.
Blake found out that plastic shopping bags do not have a recycling number but
the small plastic bags have a recycling number of 4.

This is from the Hastings District Council website and shows what you can recycle and where it can be recycled. 


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