Sunday, 31 May 2015

Learning at the Transfer Station and the Landfill

Our trip to the Transfer Station and the Landfill was really interesting and the adults and children learnt lots from our tour guide, Mrs Versey. 

We began our day at at Transfer Station. This is where we, or the rubbish truck, takes our rubbish and recycling. From here our rubbish and recycling is sorted. It is called the Transfer Station because our rubbish and recycling is transferred from here to its new home. 
Learning what is recyclable and
what isn't? In Hawkes Bay we can recycle
numbers 1-7.
We checked the recycling symbols on containers
and recycled some plastic containers

We watched rubbish being pushed
to a chute for the rubbish truck to

Did you know...?

After that we were excited to wear high visibility vests to keep us safe on our way to the landfill. 


We saw what we thought was a big hill but it was actually a big hill of rubbish...our rubbish from the people of Hawke's Bay. 

It is hard to imagine this hill is filled with rubbish!
A huge pile of rubbish
We loved watching the compactor. Did you know it could squash
a bus into the size of a toy bus?

The is filling up fast. 

Rubbish truck dumping the rubbish

Kamora-Lee reading the sign to find out more information
The leachate pond catches all the water that comes off the landfill.
The water in this pond is then changed from yucky water to cleaner water
so it can be used to water the grass and trees around the landfill.

We learnt that we need to change what we do with our waste 
so that all the hills in Hawke's Bay don't turn into hills of rubbish. 
Mrs Versey left us with a challenge;

Make our BIG rubbish piles SMALLER!

Keep watching our blog to see how we are making changes to what we do with our rubbish!


  1. omg what a lot of rubbish there is in the landfill

  2. wow! that is a lot of rubish.I cant idmagen wot it wode look like if the land fill is