Saturday, 13 June 2015


We have been learning to blend colours.

When we blend colours we overlap the colours just a little bit.

We use one colour to pull another colour into it.

We use colours from the same part of the colour wheel, for example a dark blue, medium blue and a light blue. With any colour we blend with we use white. 

We have been learning about how important it is to reuse. We reused magazines and used paper to make out bugs.
Artist Mac
Artist Ruben

Artist Jack C

Artist Niamh

Artist Caitlin

Artist Naomi

Artist Whetu
Artist Coopa

Artist Rain

Artist Sam

To make our flowers we reused old CDS and plastic bags. When we went to the landfill we noticed how many plastic bags were in the landfill. 
Artist James
Artist Tyler

Artist Nevaeh

Artist Joseph
Artist Chahat

Artist Emily
Artist Riley
Artist Bailee

Artist Louisa

If you would like to see more of the fantastic art and blending the children from Room 1617 have created come on in to our classroom. 


  1. What fantastic blending and artworks, 1617 SUPERHEROES!

    Do you think you could teach some of your buddies in Rimu MLE?

  2. Great flowers and bugs you guys and girls you all must be great at art well done

  3. WOW what fabulous artwork guys you did a fantastic job congratulations

    well done

  4. WOW they all look fantastic you have really out done you self s

  5. These turned out so awesome Room 1617! I love how carefully you've finished your art pieces and done your best work, you should be very proud :)