Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Imaginary Tunnels

WALT add detail to our writing to create a vivid picture for the reader so the reader feels like they are 'in' our stories. 

We used these images as motivation to help create our stories.

Author Angus L

Crunch crunch as I ate my breakfast. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw a leaf floating out of my kitchen cupboard. I carefully stood up and walked to the cupboard then suddenly a pile of leaves came down on top of me. I could not see where I was going, I bashed into the sink then I had a blood red patch on my forehead. My mum heard the crash and she ran to see what happened but all she could see was a moving pile of avocado coloured leaves. They were folling towards the cupboard. George, my little brother pushed the pile of leaves into the cupboard and because I was standing beside him we both fell into the cupboard. Inside, we saw a leafy tunnel with snow on the ground and snow flakes falling from the roof of the tunnel. It felt freezing cold but we decided to walk through the narrow tunnel anyway. The snow lit the tunnel up so we could see where we were going. We could fell frosty leaves when we touched the side of the leafy tunnel. There were two paths but we chose the one on the left because it looked the same as the one we just walked through…. But it wasn’t. In front of us there was a steep mountain that we knew we needed to climb before we got to the end of the tunnel so we made a rope out of the leaves around us to climb to the top and we slid down the other side of the mountain. What was that? A huge curved rock on the ground right at the edge of the mountain. It tossed us up in the air and we landed back in the kitchen cupboard. Before we knew it we were back sitting at the kitchen table but it was dinner time! Just then a piece of snow fell onto my plate.

Author Holly

I was getting ready for school and I was choosing my clothes to wear. Suddenly, out of my eye I saw a little bit of light. I slowly crept forwards to my wardrobe and opened the door. At my surprise, I saw a bright leafy tunnel. It was so windy all I could hear was the leaves rustling against the tunnel. I poked my head into the tunnel to have a closer look. When I poked my head in the tunnel, WHOOSH. The wind blew me into the mysterious tunnel. The wind kept on making me walk then suddenly I saw a bit of light shimmering at the end of the leafy tunnel. I slowly crept towards the light at the end of the tunnel when I reached the end of the tunnel I could see a great village. It was that big I even got lost so I asked a villager if he could help me but he didn’t. So, I had to find my own way out. I kept on trying to get out of the village but just kept on ending up in the same place where I asked the villager if he could help me. I was starting to get really sad because I was lost in the village. I tried to get back to the leafy tunnel but I just kept on getting lost. Finally, I found the leafy tunnel. I went back through but it was another different world. I said to myself when will this adventure end?

Author Erin

When I was eating breakfast at my kitchen table I saw a shiny green leaf behind the fridge so I carefully put down my toast and went to have a closer look. Carefully, I pulled the leaf out. Oh no! It pulled me into the wooden cupboard and I started to spin around and around. I got dizzier and dizzier. Suddenly, I landed in a leafy tunnel and all I could hear were leaves. Also, there were two people walking in that tunnel. It was a 5 year old and a 30 year old. I think they were walking happily ever after. Suddenly, I came to a hole in the leafy tunnel. There was a beautiful view. Suddenly, I came out of the leafy tunnel. When I came out of the leafy tunnel I saw snow white shiny snow. Suddenly, I slipped on shiny white snow. I slipped into a deep deep hole. When I tried to get out I could not. “Somebody help me,” I screamed. Finally, someone used their muscles to pull me out. They pulled me higher and higher but I kept slipping. “Huuuuuhh,” they moaned. Phew, they pulled me out. When I was in the freezing cold hole I froze into a popsicle. “Brrrr,” I said. Somebody had to get a nail and a hammer, also they had to hammer me out. Smash smash smash, that is the sound of the hammer on the ice. I could barely walk. Somebody help me I can’t walk. My mum heard my yelling. Super Mum to the rescue. She took me home and quickly put me in front of the fire. 

Author Charlie

One freezing night just after my mum had kissed me goodnight she slammed the door shut and I fell out of my bed. I heard a loud qrrrkkk so I jumped up and saw the wardrobe door hit the carpet. There was a flash of light. I was so scared because I thought it was a person pushing the door over. My heart felt like it was going to explode.  I hid under all of my teddies. I have a lot of teddies so no one will ever find me. Where my wardrobe used to be there was a creepy tunnel. In my teddies there was a whole as big as the capital O. The hole was big enough to look through. I realised there was nothing there. I hopped up and touched the tunnel and I noticed that it was a portal. Wind made me go flying in. At first, I felt sick but then it became fun. In a moment it stopped. I landed on my feet then started to shrink. Little people showed me around the tunnel and there was a creepy water hotel. “Wow, this is so cool,” I said. There were water slides but they were made out of a waterfall. A park was there too. The park had everything.  First, I went on the flying fox wheeeeee. After that, I went on the Octopus ride. When I went on the Octopus I felt giddy like I was going to vomit. Soon, it was time to go home. The little people opened the portal and I went back round and round. When I got back everything was back to normal. Once in a while, I say to myself, “Was that real?” Suddenly, blaaahhhh, I was sick. IT WAS REAL.

Author Maia

On a very cold morning I was snuggled up by the fire then shake shake the cupboard filled up with smoke. The cupboard wiggled side to side. I got out of my blanket and crept over and carefully pulled the pantry open and I flew right into my cupboard. My heart started to pound faster and faster. Next, I fell straight into the rocky bumpy pathway. What? My cupboard was filled up with sparkles. Do you know what this is? Hmmmm, let me have a minute. Finally, I fell onto the shiny  ground. Sparkles are everywhere. “Stop!” echo echo “Stop!” “Don’t step on the crack,” someone answered. The sparkles twinkled every time I walked. Shimmer, the lights have gone off. This is a mystery. Can I solve the mystery? At last, I was at the end of the tunnel and then it turned into a disaster…… A green spooky door was in front of me. I held my heart bravely. I pulled the door and slowly tiptoed inside. A very grumpy voice echoed, sometimes like Mrs H and Mrs Ramsay. The voice grew louder and louder until…. Hello, it was my grandma. Oh, guess what? She was a magic old woman. “That can’t be real,” I replied. “Yes,” Grandma said. She lifted me up. Suddenly, I was very tired and was lying in front of the fire and I was still thinking about what had just happened. I was so tired that I just had to go to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Author Zack

On a warm summers morning I was reading a book in my bedroom. Creak went my cupboard door. I put down my book and slowly turned my head. Peering back at me were two bright yellow eyes. I was petrified. They slowly faded away. I went to see what was going on. A gust of wind came from nowhere and pushed me in, stumble tumble as I rolled down a slope. Slam! The door shuts on me. Banging against walls I stopped and got up. It was pitch black. I felt my way through the tunnel as a hint of light shone on my t-shirt. I felt my way towards the light and finally reached it. In front of me was an amazing world where bananas were dolphins, water elephants that are watermelons and flamingos are mangoes. Stepping forward I saw green green grass. I just realised that the yellow eyes were just the water elephants looking at me. I turned around and I was back in my bedroom again. My book was still there. Was that real? I thought to myself.

Author Tyler

Scrunch scrunch went the leaves as i walked through the forest. I look up and see some nice ripe apples up high on the tree. Quickly I climb the tree. I was getting to the top I grab the last branch and to my astonishment the branch bent down and...led to a hall that went all the way down the trunk of the tree. Finally I came down to the bottom and saw two tunnels one went left and the other went right. I chose the right tunnel. I saw a hole. I peer inside the hole and bent down too far and fell in. I plunged into darkness. Finally I saw some light. I run towards it. I came to a wall and on the wall there was a big poster and the poster read SUPERHEROES ONLY! Slowly I opened the door in the wall and I saw another sign that said WELCOME TO THE SUPERHERO TRAINING CENTRE. I look inside but...there were no superheroes. I saw hundreds of simulators then I hear a strange noise and then someone opens the door it was...Superman. Super man said "Who are you young boy?".

Author Kamora-Lee

When I was eating my breakfast soon I turned to put my bowl away and I turned to look if everything was in its place. I saw a green leaf in the cupboard. I was going to leave the kitchen but instead I went to the green leaf. It was safe so I went in it and I said "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I slid when it was finished I fell into a pool it was leafy. I went out of the pool  and I went on the grass I walked slowly along the tunnel. Luckily I brought my picnic basket. I sat down on the grass and had a picnic. After my picnic it was time to go so I went through the  tunnel. When I got bak home my cat was eating my.Breakfast.

Author Mac

I got up to get some toast when I saw a chain in the pantry .When I went to investigate Max my tortoise tripped me up and we went tumbling into the pantry. Inside there was not anything comforting . I know that Max was scared because he was in his shell. I thought  that we were in a tunnel but I was wrong we were in a cave.Something lit the stone walls of the cave .  Shadows danced on the cave walls I wonder who they belong to? Nervously I put my rucksack over Max .I took Max to some colossal boulders and hid. Hrrrrrr grrrrrrr ! The roar was so loud that I had to put on my earmuffs. The fire breathing pitch black dragon nipped at my brain. I grabbed  my rucksack and ran. The dragon was as small as a 2 story house and as long as 2 buses (and a centimemter). Her spikes were 120cm (or 4 rulers long). It was traveling through the maze like cave at least 9876 km .Out of a fire heated puddle a hamster turned on his jetpack and blasted me Max and himself out of my pantry. I was sure that I had not been a dream
I was 100 percent sure.


  1. Stunning stories authors, they are all so entertaining to read.Well done!.

  2. Well done everyone

  3. Wow, what a fantastic story Angus! Your writing has come along in leaps and bounds this year. Such a descriptive story, and so well written. Mum and Dad are super proud of you!! Well done also to all the other super authors from rooms 16 & 17 - great writing!!