Saturday, 23 May 2015

Paper Making

We are learning how we can

An idea the Superheroes of Room 1617 had was to make sure we only put paper and cardboard into our paper bin at school. We noticed how much paper we used in our classroom and are putting in our recycling bin each day. 
After talking about paper being made from trees and the importance of trees the children of Room 1617 came up with an idea. 
To make our own paper from the paper in our recycling bin. 

We ripped up paper from our recycling bin into small pieces.

 We added warm water to the paper and stirred it until all the paper was wet and covered in water.

We left the paper over night. Some little elves came and stirred the paper every few hours for us. 

We squished the wet paper up with our hands to make pulp and added a little corn flour. Gross!  

 We made our own strainers by poking holes in tin foil with our pencils.

We each got a scoop of pulp and placed our strainer over it to soak out most of the water. We tried to soak out as much water as we could.

We used a roller to flatten the pulp. I wonder if our pulp will turn into recycled paper? 

We will have to wait and see! 


  1. Awesome paper making going to make a story

  2. Way to go room 1617, that looked like tonnes of fun but lots of work going through the scientific process of making your own paper. I wonder if you will be able to draw on your recycled paper when it is finished? What do you all think? Fantastic fun work guys. From Cailtin's mum.

  3. makeing paper was so amsing.

  4. Thanks mrs Ramsay for leting us make reuse paper but my fravoite thing is recyceling paper because it is a good what no it is amazing thing to do to help us breath to stay alive