Sunday, 10 May 2015


We are learning to calculate the perimeter of shapes. The perimeter is the distance around a shape.

This was our problem.

We worked in groups to create Gnome School.
Gwen and Keiarliya using equipment
to make a shape with a perimeter of 32cm
Mason and Georgina talking about the
best way to add the perimeter. 

Pinenga and Caitlin checking their addition
Jasmine adding

Some of the Gnome School's created

We were thinking about the easiest way to add the numbers together.
We looked for numbers that connected together like a jigsaw
-the numbers that make 10 eg. 6+4
-the numbers that make 20  eg. 13+7
-doubles we knew eg. 4+4 so we knew 40+40

Coopa, Maddie, Mason and Georgina worked together to create their Gnome School

Ashwin, Rain, Christina and Sadie's Gnome School
Caitlin, Pinenga, Joseph's Gnome School.  

The mathematicians problem-solved to create shapes with a given perimeter. We were so proud of how the superheroes of Room 1617 showed so much perseverance and team work to create their schools.  

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  1. well done-- budding architects!