Monday, 18 May 2015

Something Fishy .....

We used this movie to inspire our writing. You can look at the Literacy Shed for other images and videos to inspire writing.

Something Fishy from J.J. on Vimeo.

We have been thinking about painting a picture in the readers' head. We have thought about the detail we can add so the reader can picture the setting of our stories. 

The water was warm. I pushed off the side towards the middle. On a good day I can swim four lengths. There was a glow appearing in the water. I felt water pushing me on the sides and there is silence all around me. Also I can see something grey behind those surfboards. Chomp! A shark is behind me. Way off there is a white light showing my way out. I had to swim as fast as I could with the shark chomping behind me. With the last chomp I made it to the light. I swam through and I was back in the pool. The light was gone. Was I in the pool the whole time?

Written by Sam R

As I dived in the pool I suddenly found out that I was in a magical place. I saw a magical slipper fish and shorts that are baby sharks. The slipper fish glide through a lot of seaweed. I could see beanie turtles and water volcanoes that explode fish out of it. At last I could hear tails swishing and bubbles popping also I could hear fish talking to each other. I could hear clams opening and closing making a clapping noise. I could feel water going right past me when the fish swam past me. Suddenly a shadow appeared in the water. "Sharp teeth! Sharp teeth!" I yelled. "What else could happen I want to get out now" but it is a cool place and also a scary place. "An adult shark is in the water run run little fish and turtles" "Yeah you too" warned the fish in front of me. It is really dirty in here I might quickly get out of the pool before the shark gets me. I scampered out of the pool. When will that happen again?

Written by Coopa

Swish! Swish! The colossal waves were swishing me around, My togs were wet from the waves pushing me around the water. The place had water everywhere and a little sand with people playing kindly with their sand buckets. As I was floating in the water I saw a circle of light under the water. I ducked my head under the water to see what it was and off I swam. I heard my long feet kicking the surface of the water. When I opened my eye  I saw some fish made out of stone and rocks and also saw some stingrays. The stingrays flippers were made out of seaweed and its head was made out of bumpy rocks. I could feel some fish fins tickling me right on my back. Oh no! A huge gigantic shark! The shark was made out of a clam shell. When I swam away from the shark I quickly swam out of the hole and got out of the water. I was feeling so happy when I was in the water but I was feeling scared when the huge gigantic clam shell sharp toothed shark came and chased me because he wanted me for breakfast. I thought the shark was going to be nice but it wasn't it was nasty. It was swishing its tail and it was chasing me with its mouth chomping at me. I hope you don't have an adventure like me today and I  hope it doesn't happen again!

Written by Keiarliya

Ssshh!Freezing cold water dripped out of the tap and into the cup for a refreshing cold drink. Suddenly something extraordinary the water slid down the plug hole it tried to pull me down. Then as it was trying to pull me down the plug hole got bigger and bigger until the hole was as big as the sink. I slid down the hole and saw a little school of fish that was made out of plastic cups, an octopus made out of a plate for its face and fork and spoons for the legs. There were seaweed beds for the little sea animals. Chatter chatter went the little turtles as they swam across. Swoosh went the water as the fish swam across so speedy. Scuttle scuttle went the little crabs as they swam side by side. I was amazed by all the little creatures. How could they just appear out of no where. Until...I saw a shadow that looked like it belonged to a shark. It had sharp teeth, a pointy fin and he swam as fast as a racing car. As I got away I saw a bright light and I knew it was the plug hole so I swam and swam until I reached the light. I pulled myself up and I was back at my house. Will that ever happen again I thought. 

Written by Rain

Swish! The water in the washing machine was tumbling around. I was reading a book. Suddenly I spotted a dazzling light. Peering into the washing machine and putting my head in I saw...a little sock glowing fish. The fish led me in to a magical world. It was filled with swaying seaweed. On the seabed I spied some smooth undie rocks. The rocks began to move and a claw came out. Before very long I noticed it was a rose red crab. As I swam further up a school of fish swished past. I felt a tail flick me. Some beanie turtles were bobbing up and down to get across the ocean blue water. I spotted some t-shirt squid squeezing black ink out of its tentacles it made the water pitch black. Soon a shadow of pants came up to me. I saw spiky teeth...its a shark! I swam to the closest seaweed and hid behind it but the shark was too clever he saw me. I noticed the bright light  that I had come in from so I dashed towards the bright light. I was near,y there when the shark nearly bit my foot off. The bright light got brighter and brighter. At last I realised that I was close. Finally I got out of the washing machine and the pants too! I was too afraid to touch the pants. 

Written by Georgina 

When I was swimming around in my swimming pool. Something unusual swirled around and around until it stopped. I went to go get my Mum. Me and Mum hopped in the pool and fall in the swirly water and explored the ocean. I can see tog jellyfish swimming around with their legs squirming up and down. There was a school of fish swimming slowly around and flutter board tortoises floating around the water in the distance. I saw a shadow. It didn't look like a shark. Did it look like a shark? Wait did it look like a dolphon? It was colourful it had...colourful spray. I started swimming after the dolphin. It swam to the hole in my swimming pool. now I have a pet dolphin. Will she stay or wont she stay? 

Written by Ella

Woosh! The waves were crashing down on the beach I was surfing the Pacific Ocean. I was looking out at the deep part of the Pacific Ocean when...I noticed a whirl pool out at was an enormous one too. The water was crystal clear. It made a sound like a plug hole sucking up the water. I surfed out too far. I was sucked up by the whirl pool. I could see shells on the bottom of the ocean floor. I could also see a coral reef rock. I can hear the swishing seaweed. Suddenly I felt the soft sand on the ocean floor. Just then a school of shell fish swam past me. Stone fish were skating on the bottom of the ocean. Suddenly I saw a massive shadow creeping up behind me. It looked like it belonged to a...great white shark. I peered over me shoulder and I saw...a ginormous shell shark!!!! I swam away as fast as I could and hid behind a coral rock. I gaze up trying to find the whirl pool but instead of the whirl pool being in the deep end it is heading for the...beach. I swam after the whirl pool and the shark chases after me. Finally I got to the whirl pool. I climb up the whirl pool like it was a piece of rope. Finally I made it to the top so did the shark. It was just a shell now. I slowly put my hand out to touch it when I touched it it did nothing.

Written by Tyler 


  1. I think you have great vocabulary in your writing. From Charlie

  2. alome writting keiarliya i got a pithcer in my head when i red it great wrok