Thursday, 26 March 2015

We have been learning how to write a blurb for a book. It is tricky because we had to not give too much detail but also give the reader some clues about what will happen in the story. We learnt a question is a good way to hook the reader in. 

We also learnt about what makes an effective book cover. We looked at lots of different covers and what made them effective.

Look at our covers and read our blurbs. Which stories would you like to read? 
Did our blurbs make you want to read our books? 

Do you have an everyday superhero. Super Israel is to the rescue. Aaaarhh Aria is so sure Super Israels coming to cook a healthy breakfast to make Aria better. Will Super Israel save Aria's tummy?

Author Aria

Do you have a superhero? I know one his name is Electric Eden he is a policeman and my Dad too. His super powers are that he is kind and caring and helpful too. One terrible day I cut my foot and I cried "Boo hoo". Electric Eden shouted "Ready in action". Will he save the day? If you want to find out then read my book.

Author Dom

Do you know a superhero in disguise? Well Sam G does. Big Bruce is super brainy and helpful. he is the nicest person you could meet. he helps the family when they cream. You hear him say "Big Bruce Go" and you know he'll save you. If you want to know the story then open the book.

Author Sam G

Would you like a wonderful Mum like mine? Keiarliya does and that's me who wrote this story and my superhero is Lovely Laretta. My Mum is a super fast texter (click click click) and she plays games with me like spin and draw. My Mum is a superhero in disguise and she is also superful. if you want to know more about her read my story about Lovely Laretta it will be super amazing like me. Do you have a Mum like mine?

Author Keiarliya

Do you have a superhero in your life? Ashwin does. My Dad is my superhero. I call him Dangerous Dad. When huge 7 legged creatures come in my dreams dangerous Dad is kind and caring. he chases the scary creatures away. Snuff! Gurgle! Woosh! Do you want to know how then read this book.

Author Ashwin

Do you have a super pet dog? Well Jack does. Sky By can shake his hand. Sky By is a good alarm. She wakes Jack up at 5:50am. Will Sky By wake Jack up in time? Read the story to find out.

Author Jack B

Do you know a superhero? Super Sarah loves to have food fights but can clean up like lightning. oh no! Nevaeh's tiara is broken. It is her special tiara that makes Nevaeh a princess. Can Super Sarah save the day? If you want to know read this story.

Author Nevaeh

Do you have a superhero that picks you up from school? My super heroes name is Super Nana. One day Super Nana goes to pick up some random people from school but Super Nana isn't actually Super Nana. read the story to find out who Super Nana really is!

Author Ashley

Do you have a super hero in disguise? Brave Ben is creative and caring. But Mum does not know how to cook. Can Brave Ben save the day this time? Read more and find out if the food is cooked or not?

Author Christina

Do you have a pet super hero? Bubbly Becs has a furry tail abd she cuddles Jessica when shes sad. Oh no! Jessica has to go into the shower and Dad leaves it too hot. Boo Hoo. Can Bubbly Becs save the day? Read on and find out exactly what happens?

Author Jessica

Do you have a secret superhero? Determination Deno helps people build houses but he's not a builder. "Oh no I can't build a house it keeps falling apart". Can Determination Deno build a house or not. Read the story to find out.

Author Joseph

Do you have a superhero in your family. Zack definitly does. Mighty Max. When Zack isn't feeling so sure of himself Mighty Max zooms into action aces out and stands up straight and sprinkles confidence. Max saves the day lots of the time. Will Max save the day today? Read the story to find out.

Author Zack

Have you ever had a superhero come to your rescue? Well Naomi has Super Stev is brave. He is brave because he saves my Mum from giant, black scary mysterious creatures under the house. Read this book to find out what happened.

Author Naomi

Congratulations to Zack, Ashwin and Blair who were winners of the book blurb and cover competition. 


  1. Gosh I want to read all your stories! That will keep me busy over the holidays! What amazing book covers and blurbs Room 16/17! Your covers are very bright and effective!

  2. What cool book blurbs... you make the stories sound very exciting... Josephs mum :)