Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cricket Skills

We have been learning how to strike a cricket ball. 

There is lots to remember 
We need to 
*Keep our eye on the ball
*Stand sideways so our feet are not facing the ball
*Start with the bat on the ground behind our back foot
*Lift the bat straight back ready to swing 
*Follow through with the bat (it makes the ball go further)

Kamora-Lee thinking about how to stand with the bat
Ashley with her back lift ready to swing

Zack's follow through
Charlie and Pinenga batting
Nevaeh's ball is about to go flying

Coopa's ball has gone flying
Niamh stepping towards the ball
Jasmine has her batting stance ready
Maybe one day we will be just as amazing a cricket ball as our New Zealand cricket captain???


  1. There is lots to remember when striking a cricket ball! We can see lots of you doing all those things. We have seen you practicing out on the field. Keep up the great work future Black Caps!