Friday, 20 March 2015

Shape and Fraction Cookies

We are learning about different 2D shapes and fractions. 

First we cut our biscuits into a shape: a kite, pentagon, hexagon or trapezium.
We chose a shape we didn't already know. 

Biscuit shapes from tracey hill on Vimeo.

We then made icing. We needed to measure accurately and think carefully about what we know about fractions.
We worked out how to measure 1/4 tsp of butter
We needed to add 4 tbs of icing sugar but we had a 1/2 Tbsp measure
1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2+1/2=4 tablespoons

Icing from tracey hill on Vimeo.

After icing and decorating our cookies with m&ms we worked out the fraction of colours we had used. 
Jack thinking about what fraction of colours he has
Mason's thinking
Marcus enjoying his cookie
Bailee and her missing tooth ready for her first bite


  1. well done everyone how good is it to eat your cookies after learning all the fractions etc yum yum