Saturday, 7 March 2015


We have a wonderful new learning space. Thank you Mr Gifkins we love to learn in our new space. 

Reading lots and lots is very enjoyable and one way we get better at our reading. Reading with a buddy means someone gets to listen to our fluent reading, can support us when we need it and we can enjoy a book with someone else.  

Room 1617 are great reading buddies.

Jessica and Ashley enjoying their book together
Joseph and Zepahniah reading together
Katie practising reading fluently
Zack and Whetu giggling about their book
Caitlin listening to Janice reading her book

During reading time we have been working on making connections to a text. Making connections help us comprehend texts at a deeper level. We can make a connection to an experience we have had (text to self) or a connection we have from another text (text to text connection). 
You may see your child put their hands on their shoulders- this means they have a connection.

Together we read a poem about hedgehogs called Midnight Snack. 

We created Pic Collages about the connections we made when reading the poem. Look on the children's individual blogs to see more connections.  

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  1. Great job making connections. Was it fun making connections to a poem?

  2. You are very lucky to have such an awesome new space in your classroom... You'll be able to do some great work in there Joseph's mum