Friday, 20 February 2015


We have been learning about sound words called onomatopoeia. Great authors can use onomatopoeia in their writing so the reader can imagine what sounds are happening in a story. 

We began by having a competition between boys and girls who could come up with the most onomatopoeia words. We used these words to create a visual representation of the word. 


Sam R




Jack C


Jack W


We wrote onomatopoeia poems. Each line had to begin with a sound word. We had the choice of writing about summer or superheroes. 

Swish! Swish! The waves are crashing on the shore.
Crack as I  bite into a freezing cold ice block.
Buzz! Buzz! Buzz as the bees admire the pretty flowers.
Glug! Glug! Glug as the wind blows the leaves and makes them fly in the air. 
Chirp! Chirp! The baby bird sang all day. 

Authors Charlotte and Sienna 

Clip-pity clop I am riding on my pony.
Swish! Swosh! The water went as I floated down the lazy river.
Drip drip honey dripped down from the bees hive.
Snap snap the crab is snapping on my leg in the water.

Authors Chahat and Maddie

Splash! Splash went the waves.
Slurp slurp the ice cream dribbled down my chin. 
Drip drip my sweat went down my back.
Squelch! Squelch the suncream went over my body. 

Authors Katie and Angus M

Kaboom! The Joker exploded a building.
Crash Dragon Claw punched the Joker. 
Swish the bad guy exploded into flames. 
Gulp Dragon Claw devoured the Joker.
Woosh the Superhero rushed into his lair on Te Mata Peak. 
ZZZZ Dragon Claw was fast asleep from a busy day of saving. 

Authors Mac and Jospeh

Swish as I turned into a superhero.
Broom !Broom! I raced on my motorbike.
Zoom I sped off to save innocent people.
Kaboom! I punched the baddy into space.
Swish as I turn back into a little boy.

Authors Ashwin and Aria

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  1. Kapow! Those are super poems by super writers! Well done Room1617!