Monday, 2 February 2015

Learning Together

Room 1617 is a learning environment made up of some of the most amazing super heroes. It was wonderful to see the  thoughtful, kind children make such a fantastic start to their 2015 school year.

Joseph squishing 
We began our day with individual blobs of white play dough and squished it lots to find something special inside (just like we are all special inside).
James and Dom turning their play dough yellow

 Room 16's play dough turned blue and Room 17's play dough turned yellow, that was quite exciting.

We then found a buddy with a different colour dough than us and mixed the colours together.

Yellow + Blue = Green 
We connected our classrooms together to make something even more exciting.
Katie and Marcus working together to make green 
Blake and Whetu sharing toegther

Angus and Georgina taking turns
 Our next challenge was to join up with another group and make the Parkvale Tree together. 

Working together to create the Parkvale Tree
Team work, discussions and negotiations

                          Some of the Parkvale trees made by the learning groups. It is so wonderful to see all the different thinking.

What a great start to the year we had. we can't wait to see all that these Super Heroes achieve throughout the year. 

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  1. Great work room 1617 keep the great work up from Pinenga 😃😄😄