Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Artists in Residence

We are learning to make choices in how we explore, create and share our learning.

Children chose how they wanted to explore, create and share a self portrait. Children had the option of creating a 'Minecraft' or 'Picasso' portrait. It took lots of perseverance and determination to complete each portrait.

Picasso style faces are tricky because they have two views, one half of the face is a side view and the other half is a front on view. Just like Picasso, children used bright colours and unusual shapes.

Minecraft style portraits take lots of perseverance and determination because they are created one square at a time. Each square has to be carefully laid to help create different shapes on the portrait.

It is fantastic that every portrait is different - just like the special Superhero artists who created them.



Jack C
Sam G


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