Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Arts

WALT communicate what we learn about NZ art by creating and sharing with others

We began our unit about the arts by giving different arts a try; music, dance and drama. Once we have had a taste of the different arts we are going to choose which arts we would like to focus on in Room 1617 to create and share our learning.

We know that stories are a part of our daily lives; they are a way we connect with other people and different cultures. Stories help us to understand each other. We are learning that stories can be told in lots of different ways; in books, oral story telling, visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture), dance, drama and music.
We explored telling the story of How Maui fished up Aotearoa through dance, drama and music.

DANCE - telling stories through movement

DRAMA - telling stories through role play

MUSIC - telling stories through waiata and with instruments