Monday, 6 July 2015

Reducing Rubbish

After visiting the Landfill it has made us really think about the amount of rubbish we create everyday. 

Manauka Hub gave us a challenge of having a rubbish free lunchbox. Lots of  us took on the challenge. Here are some of the rubbish free lunchboxes from Room 1617.

We have made reusable sandwich wraps so we can create less rubbish in our lunchbox everyday.
Here are the steps if you want to make your own sandwich wrap. You can wrap other food in it too. Jessica has a sandwich wrap and a biscuit wrap.
First you choose the fabric you want to make your sandwich wrap from. 
Wow, we had so many to choose from.

Next you choose a shape for your sandwich wrap. We decided on a rectangle. Then you draw around the template.

 After that you use special scissors called pinking shears to cut out the fabric. The pinking shears are special because they stop  the fabric from fraying. We found out how tricky it is to cut fabric. 

Next you need to sprinkle grated beeswax on to the fabric.
(The adults had to grate the beeswax because that was really hard).
The beeswax smells delicious like honey but does not taste that good!
 After that you put it in the oven and wait patiently for the beeswax to melt.

You need to wait for a little while for the beeswax to dry and then you have your very own reusable sandwich wrap.
To test out our sandwich wraps we made sandwiches and guess what? They worked really well and the superheroes can wrap their own sandwiches really easily.

Even though the sandwich wraps smell like the beeswax they do not make our food taste any different. If the sandwich wrap gets dirty we can just wipe them clean with a cloth.

Thank you so much to all the parents who came in to help us make our sandwich wraps. We appreciate you giving up your time. 

Lunch time. Yummy! 
The challenge is for Room 1617 to use their sandwich wraps over and over again to reduce the amount of rubbish in their lunchbox. 

We are not only saving the environment but also money. We will not need to buy as much gladwrap. 

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