Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Symmetry and Fractions

We are learning about symmetry and finding a fraction of a set.

We are working really hard at problem-solving and checking our thinking.

We could solve the problems in different ways

- sharing into groups one by one

-sharing into groups by skip counting and then adding some or taking some out of each group eg. 5,10,15, 20 and then put one more into each group so 1/4 of 24=6

-Sharing into groups by using our addition facts eg. 4+4+4=12 so 1/3 is 4

Our problem was...

Butterflies all around the world have different shapes and patterns on their wings but one thing is the same on all butterflies they are symmetrical. What could the butterflies in each problem look like?

1/5 of the 20 spots are yellow. Jack skip counted and added a bit more to each group to work it out. 

1/5 of the spots are yellow. Whetu and Riley created this symmetrical butterfly. Their butterfly looks very different
than Jack's but have both solved the problem. 
1/4 of the 24 spots are green. Chahat and Katie used a bar to help them solve the problem. They broke the bar into 4 groups and worked out how many would be in each group by skip counting in 5s and then adding 1 more into each group.

Erin and Nevaeh used skip counting to find 1/3 of 30.
1/3 of the 30 spots are pink.

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