Thursday, 17 September 2015


Last weekend we were very privileged to march with Miss Stacey and a group of marchers in the blossom parade. Miss Stacey has been teaching us marching for the past few weeks and very kindly invited us to participate in the blossom parade.

We are so very very proud of our marchers for the enthusiasm, commitment and determination they showed representing Parkvale School in the blossom parade. It was a big challenge marching in front of such a big crowd. All of the marchers did their absolute best even when it was blowing freezing winds and raining icy cold raindrops!

Room 1617 marchers you are superstars. We are so proud of you! You made our hearts smile with PRIDE.
Miss Stacey doing the final touches to the girls hair
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Helping ease the butterflies in our tummies before heading off into the parade
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All ready to go

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Enjoying a well deserved sausage sizzle after the parade

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Look who we spotted marching in the blossom parade with his Tae Kwon Do group
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Jack cheering us on from the sideline

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