Thursday, 26 November 2015

Riverbend Camp

We had an amazing time at Riverbend Camp this week!

Gorgeous weather, beautiful camp facilities, awesome parents and exceptional kids!

Room 1617 you rock. We are so proud of you for all your kind, caring thoughtfulness to each other, your wonderful working together where you supported and encouraged each other on all the camp activities and your awesome Parkvale PRIDE throughout the two days at camp. You showed us that Room 1617 really is one big learning whanau.

Mrs Ramsay and Mrs Hill


  1. really wonderful camp and great kids! a huge "thank you" to the teachers for their tremendous effort and stamina!
    -Holly D

  2. To my wonderful Rocket Racoons. You are one amazing group of kids! Marshall, you showed leadership qualities, you were helpful, respectful, looked out for your team members and made sure everyone had a go. Jessica, you emerged as a wee superstar. What a fantastic team member, you were kind and considerate to your team mates and gave 100% all of the time - especially with the olive challenge!! Caitlin, you tackled every challenge with gusto and always encouraged your team mates along. You have a creative flair and were happy to share all your wonderful ideas. Jack, my cheeky racoon, you excelled in the physical challenges and like Caitlin were always there to offer help and encouragement to your fellow team mates. Katie, I would have liked to see more team participation and involvement from you. You are very capable and I believe your knowledge of netballing etc could have really benefited your team. Of the challenges you did, you put in an awesome effort and seemed to enjoy yourself. Never be afraid to try something new. Sometimes the most memorable times of your life are the ones in which you step out of your comfort zone. Thanks so much for an amazing camp. Go the Racoons!!