Thursday, 29 October 2015


We had a special visitor, Mr Cottrell, who came and taught us tennis skills.  

We learnt how to hold the tennis racket correctly.
We hold the end of the racket so we can reach further with our racket.
We hold the racket on top (we put the racket on the ground and pick it up to get our grip right). 

We also learnt to play a forehand shot.
Our feet are sideways
We point with our left hand to where we want to hot the ball
We swing the racket through like an aeroplane and catch in our other hand after we have hit the ball. 

Mr Cottrell showing us a forehand shot

Maia controlling the ball with her racket
So much concentration

Walking or running with the ball
on our racket
Coopa's follow through
Sienna keeping her eyes on the ball
Charlie pointing with his right hand
Angus being very determined
Mac has his eyes on the ball

Marshall moving towards the ball

Maia catching the racket in her other hand

Maddie hitting a great forehand

Marshall catching the racket
Thank you so much Mr Cottrell we had so much fun and can't wait for you to come again so we can learn some more. 

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