Thursday, 27 August 2015


Every Wednesday and Thursday Miss Stacey comes to Parkvale to teach us marching.

We are learning that marching is quite tricky but a lot of fun. We need to have lots of discipline because everyone in a marching team has a job to do to stay together, in line and in a block.

We always lead with our left foot and start each step on the back of our foot. We have to listen to the music very carefully to hear the beat and step with our left foot on each beat.


To help us stay in line, Miss Stacey uses callipers with chalk to measure our length of pace (the gap between each of our steps). She puts a chalk mark on the concrete to help us know where to stand.

We are learning lots of new marching vocabulary;

Handgrips means keeping our hands closed and at our side
Covering means to stay in line with person in front of you
Dressing means staying in line with the person next to you
Block means a group of marchers standing in their lines
Rank means the line of marchers in the block from left to right
File means the line of marchers in the block from front to back

We learnt a chant to help us practice keeping our step with the beat
I left my bag in New Orleans and all I got was a can of beans so I left, I left, I left, right, left.

We learnt to make a new formation. Oh...and had some dancing time after.

Marching from tracey hill on Vimeo.


  1. I haed fun loning to Mach

  2. I had lots of fun doing the marching practice with miss Stacey